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Wedding dresses by SuzHouDress

agosto 09 2018
Hello my lovelies and welcome to my new post! Summer is nearly over but summer wedding season is still going strong! But maybe I love winter weddings even more. Winter brides are a special type of brides in my opinion - they get to wear all those lovely cover ups on their wedding dresses and make their wedding photos in the snow! All weddings are super romantic and wedding dress is such an important part of them. I love to see the bride wearing something special on her special day.


But as you know after winter comes spring and that seems to be everyone's favorite wedding season. It also gives you time to prepare for a perfect wedding day. In case you don't have time to prepare for a wedding and you are in for something quick which means you're on a budget, you might be in for online shopping and some cheap wedding dresses.


SuzHouDress is an online store that can offer you everything you need for your wedding starting from a wide range of wedding dresses over wedding accessories, receptions and favors. They offer reception dresses and party wedding dresses as well in case you don't want to stay in your long gown for the whole day and you feel like relaxing and partying. Also your bridesmaids can find some of their dresses in this store among their formal wear designs.


There are so many interesting designs it's hard to choose a favorite, but I really like the ones on the photos you can see in the post. I love how dresses follow the off-shoulder trend and have huge amount of embellishment on it. I love rich white lace on wedding dresses!

What are your favorites when it comes to sexy wedding dresses my dearies? Let me know I'd love to hear it!

Lots of love,

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