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Scientists say that sex can make your brain work better

diciembre 12 2015


It won’t get you a PhD, but sex can cause your brain to work better.

A study has shown there’s a connection between your intelligence, and your sex life.

Keeping active under the sheets can keep your brain active for longer.

It appears that a good sex life can delay the onset of dementia in the elderly.

The tests by Dutch researchers were into elderly people and found that a greater interest in sex correlated with greater brain activity and intelligence at the age of 71.

In addition, they had better memory, processing speed, higher intelligence and general cognitive functioning.

Sex can also make you more intelligent

There does appear to be a connection between sex and intelligence, at a younger age too.

A study from Italy backs this up. Scientists from the University of Pavia found that people who have sex daily were more likely to increase nerve growth in their brains. Being in love and the early stages of a relationships were found to stimulate the brain too. The effect does tail off deeper into the relationship.

A similar finding was reported in mice and rats in research from the University of Maryland showed that daily sexual activity in mice and rats improves mental performance and cognitive function. Rodents having less frequent sex showed lower mental performance.

They said “Sexual interaction could be helpful”. So if you stay up all night having sex before work, just tell yourself/your boss that it’s backed by science, you’re becoming a genius.

So, while sex doesn’t seem likely to get you a doctorate, it can make you perform better mentally.

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