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New Year´s Eve Makeup Trend

diciembre 30 2017
New Year's Eve is right around the corner and what better way to welcome 2018 than wearing a super festive and chic look!
For this holiday the major trend is gold emphasizing the eyes, and there are many looks you can pull from this. Here are some of them.


24K on your eyes is the glamour look  to wear ans it is so easy to achieve by simply choosing the correct gold eye shadow.

Get the look:


Get a very fun look by sprinking glitter all over, you can wear it on your eyelids,on your cheeks, on your eyebrows, even on your eyelashes!

Get the look:

This is a look that will leave you seeing stars! Tons of glitter,a dark eyeshadow and some gold stars to recreate a true work of art.

Get the look:

The most elegant look of all. A simple line of gold on your upper lid will change your look completely and turn it into a "classic with a twist" makeup.

Get this look:

Watch me recreate a look with this trends in my upcoming post.

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