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Homecoming dresses by SuzHouDress

agosto 03 2018
Hello my lovely fashionistas! Are you having as great Friday as I am? I really hope you are! It's time for another one of my online shopping post from your favorite dress category and today we will be discussing something I know all you dolls love to read about - cheap homecoming dresses and where to find them at the best price with the best quality!


Homecoming is something we unfortunately don't have here where I live but is such a popular dress up event in so many countries that I visited, that I decided to mention it on my blog. It is very hard to find suitable and affordable homecoming dresses and that is why online stores are important. Girls prepare themselves for homecoming just like girls here often prepare for prom night or graduation evening. It's all about flashy cocktail dresses that celebrate all their beauty and youth, as well as keeping up with the fashion trends.


Today I will present to you an online store called Suzhoudress , where you can get homecoming dresses of all sorts and colors! They have a great choice of homecoming dresses that are super trendy right now! Suzhoudress is one of leading suppliers of wedding and special occasion dresses for girls and women of any age. They keep up with the latest trends in bridal fashion, offering fashionable dresses of good quality at the most reasonable price. They also offer quite a few homecoming dresses at affordable prices such as under 100$.


I picked out a few favourites from this store for you my lovelies, you know I am a sucker for beautiful things and short homecoming dresses, I think I could browse these dresses forever! So I picked one pink wonderful evening gown as my favorite for evening dresses and one short embellished light blue dress as something more flirty and girly. 

What is your favorite dress in their offer when it comes to different designs of homecoming dresses that are trendy right now? Would you prefer blue or pink? Share your thoughts my lovelies!

Lots of love,

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