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6 Cool and Innovative Ways to Up Your T-Shirt Game

noviembre 02 2018


T-shirts happen to be one of the most casual staple. In fact they are the wardrobe workhorses. And no matter how much you hate them, you must be having atleast one pair of tee in your wardrobe. This very well establishes the fact that no wardrobe would be ever complete without some cool pairs of t-shirts. So if you are wondering how you can style them in a completely new way, this is your guide:

1. Layer it under a slip dress

While t-shirts have either been worn to bed or mostly relegated to being teamed with the classic blue jeans, there exist super cool ways to wear them in fun and innovative ways. Start with your vintage tees and layer them under a slip dress for an uber cool and chic update. Complete the look with platform sneakers and don't shy away from making a statement. If you don't have vintage tees in your wardrobe you can buy women t-shirts online and easily update your t-shirt collection.

2. Teaming it with a semi-sheer skirt

Sheer clothing can be confusing to master and not everybody can wear them. Pairing them with the wrong combination can result in a disaster look. Hence, it is best to keep the look safe and far from any disaster. Wearing it with a t-shirt will not only keep it safe but will also add to your style.

3. With flirty sundresses

While sundresses are cute in themselves, the plunging necklines can be an issue sometimes. But don't worry! Because t-shirts have come to your rescue. Grab one with a bold design and wear it underneath. It will not only provide the perfect solution for the problematic neckline but will also add a cute and stylish touch to your look. Complete it with cute ankle boots for an added touch of chic.

4. Teaming it with a white jean

The moment you get yourself a new t-shirt you automatically pair it with your blue jeans. But having worn the same combination so many times can result in a style rut. If you want something new, look beyond the classic blue denim and master the art of monochrome by pairing a white tee with a white jean. This is not only fresh but will also provide you the much-needed break from the tried and tested jeans and tee look. Don't have a white tee? Shop online and buy t-shirts for women and get it in your favorite color and style.

5. Tie your tee in a nifty knot

Knotting is extremely easy yet super chic way to upgrade your simple t-shirt look. Whether you are wearing it with jeans, a pair of cool shorts or stylish skirts knotting your t-shirt will instantly transform your look from basic to fashionable. If you want to experiment further, pair it with high-waisted pants and ankle boots for a super stylish look.

6. Add small elements

T-shirts teamed with jeans is the go-to look for many. However, you can easily transform this basic look into something glamorous by adding few stylish elements. Tuck your t-shirt inside the jeans and try to wrap the look with a belt in a contrasting color and leave the extended end hanging. Also, add colorful socks and stylish sneakers to up the style factor. Another way is to wear fishnets under your tees, trousers and let it peek from inside for a touch of glam.